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Have our professional home inspectors give the interior of your home a thorough home inspection. We can assure you, you are getting the best. 


Our inspectors come ready to check all parts of your house. That includes your roof, foundation, attic, crawl space, etc. We have the equipment to make sure we are focused on your home while servicing. 

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When hiring us for your home inspection you can relax knowing our experienced professionals will finish with a full detailed report of the current condition of your home.

Our Values


Experienced & Knowledgeable

Our team of inspectors are some of the few highly experienced individuals in the industry. Modern practices are used to evaluate the condition of the house, also keeping a keen eye on the inducted practices and completing the process faster.


Fair Pricing & Quality Service

For first time homeowners, it can be very misguiding to acquire the services of amateur house inspectors at cheap prices, hence not catering to the problem of finding issues in a property or being overcharged for ordinary services. Lawrenceville Home Inspection offers the most market competitive rates, which further emphasizes on how we prioritize our valuable customers.


Quick Response Times

Our team ensures that the customer’s time is prioritized. The customer can arrange the inspection according to their own schedules at their ease. A typical inspection service lasting from a mere 2 to 3 hours is to make sure that we don’t take much of the customer’s time. Moreover, detailed reports are also sent immediately after the inspection is done.


Great Communication

Contacting us is easier than you think. Schedule an inspection by calling or emailing us and get an immediate response from our team. Once an inspector is allotted for your property, he/she will answer all your questions about the problems and issues in your property. We recommend you take the feedback of the inspector real-time instead of through snapshots.


Excellent Customer Service

Customers are our priority. We intend to give our valuable customers thorough and accurate inspection of their property, as our team is fully focused and devoted in creating a relationship of trust with our customers.


Our Service Area

Our home inspection services expand into, Lawrenceville GA, Suwanee GA, Duluth GA, Buford GA, Johns Creek GA, Grayson GA, Lilburn GA, and the surrounding areas. Chances are we can help you out with what you are looking for. 

Lawrenceville Home Inspection

Expert Home Inspections

Purchasing a new home is a big investment. Before investing your hard-earned money in buying a house that you have dreamt of, it is important that you check every aspect of it. One of the most significant aspects is getting the entire home inspected before you sign any contract in the process of buying a house. Not only in a purchase transaction, even when you’re selling your house, but the house inspection services can also help you identify the issues so that you can make the necessary repairs and get a high price for the house. These issues are invisible to the naked eyes whilst a home inspector has the right set of tools and experience to check the nook and cranny of the house and identify the issues that may affect the property. If you’re worried about getting an accurate house inspection service, that’s where Lawrenceville Home Inspection comes in.

What To Expect
Our team of service providers have years of experience under their belt, and this helps them complete the home inspection process in an effective manner. This will help you save both money and time in the long run. Equipped with tools such as thermal imaging to identify the hidden faults in the house further makes the inspection efficient. These tools are high-end and expensive, giving you more accurate results of the inspection.

What a Home Inspection Covers
Our team would examine certain components of the home and then produce a report covering the findings. The typical inspection lasts two to three hours and you should be present for the inspection to get a firsthand explanation of the inspector’s findings and, if necessary, ask questions.

Also, any problems the inspector uncovers will make more sense if you see them in person instead of relying solely on the snapshot photos in the report. They will inspect the entire house including the attic and basements. The places that are hard to reach will be inspected with the help of modern tools and techniques. To give an example of the services covered by Lawrenceville’s Home Inspections, keep reading on.


Exterior Inspection
The inspector will complete a full inspection of the outside of the structure. This will include climbing into any crawlspaces under the home and using a ladder to reach and inspect the roof and other items.

-Exterior Walls
The inspector will check for damaged or missing siding, cracks and whether the soil is in excessively close contact with the bottom of the house, which can invite wood-destroying insects.

If the foundation is not visible, and it usually is not, the inspector will not be able to examine it directly, but he or she can check for secondary evidence of foundation issues, like cracks or settling.

The inspector will check for areas where roof damage or poor installation could allow water to enter the home, such as loose, missing or improperly secured shingles and cracked or damaged mastic around vents.


Interior Inspection
The inspector will also complete a thorough inspection of the interior of the home. He/She will inspect everything from the ceiling to the cabinets under the sink.

The home inspector will check all faucets and showers, look for visible leaks, and test the water pressure. He or she will also identify the kind of pipes the house has if any pipes are visible.

The inspector will identify the kind of wiring the home has, test all the outlets and make sure there are functional ground fault circuit interrupters installed in areas like the bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and outdoors.

-Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Our team will look at your HVAC system to estimate the age of the furnace and air conditioner, determine if they function properly, and recommend repairs or maintenance.

Our team of home inspectors makes sure to give an efficient and accurate report of the property to the client, suggesting the repairs and renovations required as well as give estimates to fix the problems in the property, at the most market competitive prices.

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